SMALL.Challenge 3 GrudgeChallenge 3-
You Always, I Never- Grudges and Lesbian Bed Death

A continuously bickering couple, and even their dogs are a bone of contention. Could it be sexual frustration that fires this discontent? Could it be their discontent that fires their sexual frustration? Is there a remedy for lesbian bed death?

Excerpts from Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit…

Couples come upon truths in ways that take them by surprise. “We’re furious at each other, and we can’t give up a grudge because we’re not all hot and on fire the way we were in the beginning.” “We’re destroying our relationship because we’d rather not have sex than have to remember what we’re missing.” Could be that a whole lot of us are suffering from the same unforgiving fury hidden behind other complaints. 

She never puts the cap back on the toothpaste. She uses endless amounts of toilet paper. She always drives with one foot on the brake. She will never, ever ask for directions. She gets loud and hollers about every little thing that goes wrong. She loves everyone we meet and right away invites them for dinner. She beams at all our friends but never looks at me. She always wants to make me go on vacation with her snooty parents. She spoils the dog rotten, and I always have to play the bad cop. Who has to tell our carpenters that they’ve messed up something? She won’t. She’s a god-awful cook on purpose, so I’m forced to make our meals. She always has to listen to k. d. lang when we make love. She has to have coffee first thing in the morning even if it wakes me up. She’s into attachment parenting, so wouldn’t you know all three kids are sleeping in our bed. She never lets me bring Sergeant Pepper, my cat, to bed. 


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