Lesbian Marriage challenge 2 new colorChallenge 2-
One Roof: Four Generations

We all know the U-haul story: ex’s, lesbian moms, daughters and grand-children all gather under one roof. What happens to sex in lesbian families?

Excerpts from Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit…

Two mothers, each mother with two daughters. Their new family of six had been together for three years without the usual trouble of forming a blended family. The four girls had known each other from summer camp since they were kids. Both families had been through painful separations with a long period of loneliness before they got together. That was behind them, and they were a joyous household. The four girls had turned the downstairs of their new house into a single sleeping room with one bathroom and a large closet. Their friends said they always wanted to be together, and they agreed; they always wanted to be together. 

The trouble began after college. They were a few years apart but were on campus at the same time and lived in the same dorm. Then, the youngest daughter fell in love with Haruko, a second-generation Japanese girl she’d met in her geology class. They decided to have a child, and after a couple of years moved back home, bringing Kenji , their little boy, with them. Over the next couple of years, one by one, the other sisters, being jealous or excluded or feeling needed by the new moms, moved back in. They all squeezed together in the downstairs space. But now instead of their old harmony there was pandemonium. The upstairs moms, who had enjoyed a couple of years more or less on their own, had been free to make love wherever and whenever. They were proud of three generations under the same roof, but was it what they wanted?


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