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The Ravenous Beast: Sex after Menopause

Changes in desire are a given over time. In this case, the couple not only finds ways to re-discover desire, they turn it into an erotic game of disguise and seduction. Lesbian menopause is not the end of sex, but perhaps a new beginning.

Excerpts from Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit…

Maybe we give up too easily. What if no one ever told us sex would dry up after menopause? Suppose we believed that a woman’s sexuality gets stronger as she ages? Never mind hormones and physiology, we are not our chemistry. After all, sexual excitement and release can be achieved simply by thinking and imagining. The ability to fantasize does not end with menopause. 

Forget dryness, there’s always sexy lubricant; forget sagging bodies, bodies always look great in the horizontal. If you’re especially self-conscious, who says you have to get undressed? Would you really give up sex because you’re afraid to let her know you’d rather keep your clothes on? 

We are told: now that you’re getting old, you are not desirable. If you can’t be desired, you won’t be able to desire. The cultural message is: “It’s all over Baby, better accept it.” 


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