REV.Cahllenge 8, The other women

Challenge 8-
The Other Woman: Hot Burn / Slow Burn
Lesbian Relationship Cheating

Affairs often happen when sex in a long-term relationship cools down. But the hot burn of falling in love can be followed by the slow burn, a different kind of passion learned in confessional intimacy. Marriage is an excellent place for carnal knowledge.

Excerpts from Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit…

…a couple is made of two individuals, each with her own path in life. And that each path can encounter snags and obstacles that will, of course, greatly affect both partners. Remaining with our lover or returning to her after an affair is a sexual challenge. The wild, hot energies of the affair can make the slower burn of our long-term sexuality seem comparatively dull. But is that “safe but boring” sex really all there is?

We started to think about the Hot Burn versus the Slow Burn.

The Hot Burn is the quick flare, the instantaneous sexual kindle, the experience we think worth ruining our lives for. The Slow Burn takes longer to get going. It needs a more intimate, mature knowledge of our lover’s body. It requires patience as the heat gathers and gains force. The great temptation of the Hot Burn is that you race ahead of yourself and seem transformed. Your old self is left behind. You are carried beyond the sexual limitations that have always plagued you. How could you resist it?

The Slow Burn is mostly ignored because it is compared to the Hot Burn and found wanting; we don’t cherish it because we almost don’t notice it. After the Hot Burn you return to yourself.


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