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Time In Time Out:
The Power of Never Now

One of the two never stops working, the other has nothing but time on her hands. No surprise that they hardly ever meet in bed. Differences are a challenge to every couple. Get lesbian relationships advice on how to live with them?

Excerpts from Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit…

Every couple we know has one continuous discussion. How do we find time for ourselves and each other? How is it possible that time goes faster and faster, and there is less and less? Is it the demands of e-mails, text messages, news on your computer, phone, Kindle, you name it? Is it the irresistible call of 350 TV channels, movies available on-demand on all your devices? The thousands of books you can sample free of charge on Amazon, or the hundreds of apps on your cell phone? The baby-can-dance YouTube jokes everyone keeps sending around? Your need to get involved in your kids’ video games in order to have some even foggy idea what they are up to?

Perhaps the Age of Electronics is the Age of the End of Intimacy. And sex. Many couples with kids cannot take out even half an hour a week to talk about serious issues like expenses, parenting, or family discord. Or sex. Couples without kids? They, too, complain all the time about having no time.


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