SMALL.Genital Corset_NEWLesbian Relationships Tips:

The Genital Corset: Loosen Up

The story of a vibrator given as a present that created great turmoil but produced an unexpected happy ending. Great lesbian relationships tips.

Excerpts from Lesbian Marriage: A Love and Sex Forever Kit…

We are locked into the belief that sex and sexual fulfillment have to be genital. But we know that is a false belief and maybe more true to a man’s experience. We know of women who can come simply by thinking or fantasizing their way to an orgasm, and others who are in ecstasy in their bodies without any kind of orgasmic release. What do we make of that? Why do we all squeeze ourselves into this “genital corset?” The whole rest of the body is fenced out for maximum, genital predominance. Here reigns the genital queen detached from her people! You know all those other places of desire that are not supposed to be “erogenous zones”– like the neck, ears, knees, underarms, elbows, feet, you name it. 


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