Renate Stendhal, PhD


Renate StendhalRenate grew up in Germany and spent 20 years in Paris, doing multimedia/performance work and cultural journalism. She translated Gertrude Stein and major American feminists into German, and published the award-winning photobiography Gertrude Stein: In Words and Pictures. After falling in love with Kim, she moved to California, where she earned a Ph.D. in psychology. Among her publications is a book for couples, True Secrets of Lesbian Desire: Keeping Sex Alive in Long-Term Relationships. Her essays and articles have appeared internationally. She is a senior cultural critic for the International Magazine for Arts and Media, Scene4, keeps a Gertrude Stein blog Quoting Gertrude Stein and blogs for the Huffington Post. She also serves as a provost for UIL (University of Integrative Learning).

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What's In the Book

i. What is Sex?


ii. Instruction Guide

For the Sex Survival Kit

A Dialogue (Kim and Renate)

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Challenge 1

Butch and Femme —
The Habit of Roles

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Challenge 2

One Roof, Four Generations
Women Who Love
Too Many

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Challenge 3

You Always, I Never -
Grudges and Bed Death

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Challenge 4

Time IN/Time OUT -
The Power of Never Now

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Challenge 5

The Ravenous Beast —
Sex After Menopause? 

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Challenge 6

Myths of Desire —
Passion and Pain vs. Pleasure

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Challenge 7

The Genital Corset —
Loosen up 

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Challenge 8

The Other Woman —
Hot Burn/Slow Burn

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Challenge 9

In The Ring —
Fighting Fairly

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Challenge 10

To Sex or Not To Sex

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Challenge 11

The Make-Over Marriage —
Those Tricky Expectations

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Challenge 12

Tying the Knot —
Reinventing Marriage

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