An acronym used as a term to refer to “Member(s) Of The Same Sex” or describe gay or bisexual encounters or relationships. It is possibly derived from the 1970 U.S. Census forms for counting households with Member Of The Same …

In 2006, HBIGDA began implementing a name change to World Professional Association for Transgender Health.


womyn-born-womyn, a term used by some to exclude transsexuals from the definition of femininity.


visibly gender-variant, a term used by some to describe anyone whose appearance or actions do not match their culture’s arbitrary expectations for people of their sex.


Transsexual Women’s Resources, the name of a website on medical issues for transwomen, maintained by Anne Lawrence.


Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, also called a trachea shave, a USENET newsgroup known more for flame wars than support.


sex reassignment surgery: a term for vaginoplasty.


Standards of Care, a guideline for treating transsexuals put out by HBIGDA.


significant other, a partner


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