A girl (or guy) who likes both girls and boys. For more information, click to read our article on the Top 4 Myths About Bisexuals.

A “unisex” lesbian (neither Butch or Femme).

A secret gay language used in England during the 1950s and 60s. British linguist Paul Baker describes Polari: “In a world where homosexuality was stigmatized through the institutions of law, medicine and religion, [gay] men needed a way to express …

Polygendered people are transgendered. Transgendered people are defined as individuals of any age or sex who manifest characteristics, behaviors or self-expression, which in their own or someone else’s perception, is typical of or commonly associated with persons of another gender. …

All these terms basically mean the same thing, i.e.people who do not define themselves by the ‘traditional’ gender identities of biological sex: Some genderqueer people see their identity as one of many possible genders other than man or woman, while …

A civil right, not a privilege limited to a particular group.  Requires a marriage license from a local government; is a celebration of commitment; invites the community to participate in recognizing the bond.  Provides federal protections and benefits, such as …


visibly gender-variant, a term used by some to describe anyone whose appearance or actions do not match their culture’s arbitrary expectations for people of their sex.

a plastic surgery procedure where a vagina is created. Sometimes called my loaded terms like sex change or sex reassignment surgery.


Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, also called a trachea shave




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